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Our Fave Rose Quartz Products

We've discovered the beauty benefits of rose quartz - here's why you should include it in your routine right now


Rose quartz: the ‘self love’ stone of the crystal world. If you’re looking to complement your beauty or wellness regime with some alternative products then this pretty pink stone is a pretty great place to start. Crystals have been the go-to of the Goop brigade for a while - their healing energy is really lauded by those who believe - and as no fad can pass us by we have to admit we’ve had a dabble. The jury is still out as to whether their energy has had an actual effect, or simply a placebo one - we have to admit our team is split. What we did all agree on though was that including crystals - and most specifically rose quartz - in our skincare routine has had a really positive effect. Using a rose quartz to impart our skincare - as opposed to just using our fingers - has definitely helped our products work that bit harder. Massaging improves circulation (and glow!) as well as having a de-puffing effect (ideal on a morning). Plus, not much beats the cool smooth shiny surface of a rose quartz for calming and soothing our skin and relaxing our minds. So if you’re looking to include some crystals in your routine - whether that’s for their positive energy, or simply because they look pretty - then why not start with rose quartz? Read on for the rose quartz products and tools that we’ve found really are worth the hype...

Prismologie Rose Quartz and Rose Body Balm £39
We can’t get enough of the balmy buttery texture of this creamy powder moisturiser. It’s feather-light formula leaves skin velvety to touch and lustrously soft, and infused with the comforting energy of rose quartz micro-crystals. 

What’s genius about Nails Inc Glow Your Own Way Hydrating Rose Quartz Face Roller £20 is that it’s a rose quartz roller and a glow-inducing hydrating skin oil in one handbag-friendly do-it-all chubby stick. The calming crystal rollerball helps massage and push the glow-rich formula into your skin as the crystal de-puffs and cools as you roll. It’s enriched with plenty of (non-greasy) nourishing oils and hyaluronic acid, so it hydrates your skin and leaves behind a lovely sheer finish that sits great under make-up. 


We’ve become pretty addicted to our Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Gua Sha £10.00 since we purchased it - both for the massage sensation (oh how we miss facials!) and for the results. It invigorates our complexion like nothing else and really helps to push product (we use oil) deep into our skin. Regular (nightly) use has really made a difference to how soothed our skin feels, how calm our mind is when we hit the pillow and how glowing our face looks when we wake up. 


Falling into the ultra-luxe camp is Angelica Caglia Self Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask £110.00. This is a serious treat for creating a deluxe home-spa experience- simply place this eye mask of intricately woven rose quartz crystals over your eyes and relax for twenty minutes as the crystals infuse your eye contours and cheekbones with calming energy, releasing tensions and stimulating blood flow. One for your birthday list, for sure.

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