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The Natural Deodorant That We Can't Get Enough Of


We put natural deodorants to the test and this is the one we couldn't get enough of…

When it comes to trying out natural deodorants, you’re often playing with fire. You can read all the rave reviews in the world but you’ll never truly find out it it’s going to keep you stink-free until you’re halfway through a meeting/date/tube journey. When it’s obviously too late. And yet we really can’t overstate the importance of opting for a natural deodorant over an aluminium-filled version. Just to remind you of the importance difference between them: antiperspirants use aluminum to “plug” your sweat glands, which prevents your body from producing sweat, while natural deodorants (also known as aluminum-free deodorants) contain no aluminum, so you still sweat, but the product works to mask or neutralize your body odor. 

So, in the name of research, and because we are so good to you guys, we’ve been trying and testing a selection of natural deodorants, to see which ones are worth the spends and live up to their claims, and which ones, quite frankly, will leave you wishing you hadn’t bothered. The Roccabox team tried a range from various brands - some you’ll have heard of already, some are lesser known and freshly emerging on the scene - and we surprised even ourselves with our standout favorite being from one of the newer brands.
PITT BALM is disrupting the natural deodorant scene with its launch of the UK's First Refillable Natural Deodorant. Firstly, its plastic-free claims align nicely with our conscience- think how many deodorants you go through each year? Secondly, the packaging is more stylish than your average natural deodorant: a lovely tin decorated simply in bold hues and quietly stylish simple branding. Next up there’s the formula- forget sticky wet roll-ons and chokey spray ons- this is a deliciously gentle and pleasure-to-use balm. Finally, and let’s face it, pretty crucially, PITT BALM actually works. Put to a myriad of tests (a Peloton workout; an unseasonably balmy April day; a particularly high-pressure Zoom call) we  came up smelling of roses. Or rather Grapefruit. Lemon. Lime &  Peppermint. Orange. We particularly rated the Bergamot & Black Pepper version (bergamot is said to reduce anxiety levels) and extra points for the brand creating an unscented version too - we don’t always want to wear a scented deodorant that might clash with our favorite Byredo perfume. 

So Roccababes, if you’re looking to ditch unnecessary chemicals and include a natural deodorant in your routine, without risking your natural odour making too much of an appearance, get yourself some PITT BALM.


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