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Re-boot your skin in 24 hours


If you’re feeling tired, sluggish and generally a bit blah, one of the first places that you’ll notice it is in your skin. If your skin’s looking a little lack-lustre right now then try this 24-hour booster plan, designed to reinvigorate your body, boost your metabolism, re-balance your system and give your skin some glow back.

7.30am – the best time to WORK OUT

Get your workout in first thing if you really want to see the benefits. Firstly, exercise increases blood flow, which helps nourish your skin cells: blood pools unevenly in our bodies while we sleep so redistributing it first thing gives our skin a much-needed boost. Exercise is also great for carrying away waste product, which includes those skin-destroying free radicals. Exercising first thing also helps to lower stress levels – and we all know the impact stress can have on our skin. Finally, as a non-skin related bonus, if you’re looking to burn fat, now’s the time to blast out that HIIT session. Working out first thing and on an empty stomach means your body uses fat (rather than carbs) for fuel. Even an early morning 30 minute power-walk, with no brekkie inside you, will have your body using up fat stores.

8.30am – the best time to BOOST circulation

You know at Roccabox we are big fans of dry-body brushing (mainly for the way it tackles orange peel thighs like NOTHING else) but did you know it’s also an Ayurvedic ritual that, over time, can give your skin a serious glow? Incorporate some daily dry-body brushing in to your morning routine to help your lymphatic system eliminate toxins– you’ll soon benefit from less cellulite, softer limbs and glowing skin.

10.30am – the best time to BREW a cuppa

Now’s a good time to get your caffeine fix: any later and you'll risk disrupting your ability to sleep at night. For a natural caffeine fix that’s high in antioxidants look for drinks containing Yerba Mate. We’ve replaced our morning latte with Svelte Super Tea, for its skin-enhancing, metabolism-boosting ingredients. As well as Yerba Mate it contains ginger, dandelion, seaweed and nettle (which just happen to come with a heap of detoxifying, beautifying benefits) as well as fennel, which is high in Vitamin B6: a vitamin that healthy skin DEPENDS on.

1pm – the best time to FUEL up

Wholefoods, as opposed to their processed pals, are your skin’s best friend. Pick something filling and nutritious that includes lean protein (eggs are a great - and not to mention cheap - protein source and are also high in skin-nourishing B vitamins) low-GI carbs (sweet potato is our go-to for a skin-savvy lunch) and green veg (broccoli and kale are particularly high in antioxidants). And remember that H2O is your skin’s bestie. Keep a 2litre bottle of water by your desk to keep those fluid levels topped up throughout the day.

3pm : the best time to MOVE

Never sit still for too long. Blood vessels have a natural tendency to constrict during periods of inactivity, zapping your energy and eventually, over time, leading to duller skin. Stand up, step away from your desk and walk around, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

5pm: the best time to TAP your thymus

Tap my what? Your thymus is located in the centre top of your chest, below the collarbone, between your breasts. When tapped it triggers the production of T-cells: which means boosted energy, stress relief and increased vitality, all of which will play a part in improving your skin. For an instant boost of energy tap your thymus with your fingertips for 20 seconds, while slowly and deeply breathing in and out.

7pm: the best time to LAYER those products

Take your make-up off as soon as you arrive home from work, to give your skin chance to breathe and to allow your nighttime products to get to work. A good double cleanse will effectively get rid of the day’s dirt but if you’re short on time then use an oil-based cleanser, such as Bare Minerals OIL OBSESSED Total Cleansing Oil to really break down make-up, sweat and grime. Your skin won’t properly absorb serums if you don’t get rid of dead skin cells first, so follow up with an exfoliating scrub. Again, if you’re after a speedy alternative that you can use every day, Pixi’s Glow Tonic takes some beating. Use a serum at night, as it will work far harder than during the day. Putting it on now, rather than right before bed, will mean it stays on your face, not on the pillow. We’re currently obsessed with The Ordinary’s range of affordable serums. Its Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is as good as some of its pricier peers. Leave the serum to do its thang for half an hour before adding your chosen moisturizer or skin oil. Choose your evening skin product wisely: a decent night product should be supercharged with hardworking ingredients that will target your biggest skin concerns – whether that’s acne, wrinkles or dehydration.

10pm: the best time to ZZZZZ

If you want to improve your skin, keep your metabolism in check and stay on top of your energy levels then hit the sack no later than 10pm. According to a recently launched ‘sleep calculator’ if you’re getting up at 7am you should go to bed at 9.46pm - allowing you 14 minutes to fall asleep - for the optimum amount of sleep for your body. Nighty night.

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