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Roccabox x The Hygiene Bank: Helping Beat Hygiene Poverty

We all know how important our beauty regimes are for making us look, and more importantly feel, our absolute best. Now, imagine facing the threat of bullying when you’re unable to afford deodorant, or the humiliation of arriving at a job interview with greasy hair and an unshaven beard.

Even the products we take for granted as basic necessities like sanitary towels are often inaccessible for those in crisis, leaving girls and women forced to use alternatives like bunched up wads of tissue or socks. It can be degrading, isolating and impact every part of a person's daily life. Hygiene poverty is the awful choice some are forced to make between eating or staying clean. It’s a problem too often suffered in silence, due to shame and social stigma. We believe no one should have to choose between hunger and cleanliness, so we’re working with The Hygiene Bank to help tackle hygiene poverty.

The Hygiene Bank is a grassroots organisation aiming to address the hidden crisis of hygiene poverty in the UK by collecting and distributing hygiene, beauty and personal grooming products. Everything from deodorant, to washing powder, to makeup and nappies. They must be new, in date and unused - if you wouldn’t gift it to a friend, it won’t be accepted.

As part of the initiative, we’re introducing our own £10 THB Mystery Boxes. These can be purchased directly from our site, and will be donated directly to the Hygiene Bank - no postage costs, no drop offs, just purchase the box and we’ll do the rest. The products you buy will go straight to those who need them most. It’s just one of the many ways you can help one of the 14 million people in the UK currently living in poverty to restore their confidence.

Buy a box for someone in need.

The Hygiene Bank is a community initiative, and you can get involved in loads of different ways. Aside from collecting toiletries and cosmetics, you can donate your time and help raise awareness of new or existing projects in your local area. For more details on how you can volunteer, fundraise or set up a local collection, click the link below. 

Get Involved.

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