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Tech Neck - what is it and how can we fix it?

We are most likely all prone to a little 'tech neck' now and then, it’s simply the act of putting stress on our neck muscles from hours of scrolling through instagram, bad posture, so on. The more we have computers, phones, tablets the problem is only going to get worse. 

Good news though Roccababes, this isn’t irreversible, and it doesn’t mean you can’t carry on being the BOSS that you are. Here's how to tackle it: 

  • Take a phone break - it seems obvious, but be cautious of how long you’re using your phone. There are all sorts of apps and in-phone settings to control how much screen time you have. P.s.. reducing screen time also helps with getting to sleep, and we are all about more sleep! 


  • Yoga & Stretching - even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, make sure you’re stretching yourself out. You can even do neck stretches at your desk, so no excuses! We love to do a 15 minute light yoga each morning, this really wakes us up and stretches our body after a long sleep. Show us your best Cat Cow,  hunnies!


  • Pamper - this one is a treat, and good for you all in one little mask. Oh K! Sculpting Tech Neck Mask fights the curse of the tech neck, with a vitamin loaded skin-loving fibre mask! It is filled with rich nutrients and antioxidants to plump and restore skin cells. Who knew your neck needed TLC? We've popped one in every September Roccabox! Get a box here. 

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