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Tempted to try out Kate Moss’s latest take on the Croydon facelift? You’ll want to read this first…

She’s at it again. No, not that. Kate Moss is garnering negative comments this week– and this time it’s for her unorthodox anti-ageing tips. We’ve all heard of the Croydon facelift- tying your hair in to a ridiculously tight high ponytail, to pull the skin until it’s taut and wrinkle-free. Well, now there’s a new faux facelift in town. Kate’s been telling Vogue, this month, that on shoots stylists often tie hair into tight braids – hidden of course – in order to pull the skin and iron out wrinkles. We say it’s the new faux facelift- it’s actually been around for yonks. Apparently it was the way to re-touch wrinkles when photoshop and filters hadn’t yet been invented. So what’s wrong with this? Sounds perfectly legit to us – surely it’s just a natural and pain-free alternative to smoothing wrinkles out with an injection? Well according to leading trichologists, we should be very wary of the impact this kind of style has, not on our skin, but on our hair. Apparently, pulling the hair in this kind of way, so tightly and for an extended period of time, can lead the follicle to become damaged and can cause hair loss and damaged hair. Still fancy trying out the Croydon facelift of 2018 but don’t want to damage your locks? Or maybe you are suffering from damaged, brittle locks anyway – perhaps through over-reliance on curling tongs or because you were desperate to nail next season’s hottest hair colour (dirty pink as seen at Alexander Wang SS’18. FYI)? Or maybe you just want long, luscious locks??

Try these products, which are guaranteed to restore your locks, revitalize your scalp and re-encourage your hair to grow healthy, long and, most importantly, strong. #stronghairdontcare

  1. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £14

If you’ve never used this before and you suffer from dry or damaged locks, then get acquainted fast. There’s a reason this pre-shampoo treatment is a bestseller. Expect to become pretty dependent, pretty fast.

  1. Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo, £16* and conditioner £20.50*

Not many products are able to do what this sulphate-free duo can: create hair that’s strong- but soft. So if your hair’s feeling brittle, looking dull, is colour-damaged or just doesn’t have that insta-worthy shine you’d like it to have, then this luxurious hair-treating system could well be your answer

  1. Kerastase Ciment Thermique, £20.50

Don’t even think about blow-drying damaged hair unless you’ve protected it with this. An anti-breakage blow-dry milk that will help to seal the cuticle and add shine, you need this in your arsenal of products if you can’t be parted from your beloved heated appliances (hard, we know.)

  1. Ouai Treatment Masque, £25

Claims to ‘undo’ damage to hair. We can’t confirm that claim but we can confirm it left our sun-ravaged post-summer locks looking and feeling like they had a new lease of (silky) life. 

  1. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Serum, £9.99

If you need a little extra help in the growth department, then this treatment – as well as regular scalp massage – can help to boost circulation, fertilise hair follicles and encourage hair growth. If you suffer from thinning hair or unexplained hair loss, then seeing a doctor or trichologist is recommended to plan the best course of treatment, however for anyone wishing to encourage healthy growth, this is a great product.

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