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The Benefits Of Using An Eyemask At Night ft. Popmask

OK, we’ll admit it - if it’s a choice between beauty sleep or staying up until 3am to binge the whole of You in one sitting, Joe wins every time. Can you blame us? But seriously, the benefits of getting in your full eight hours are insane, so we say it’s time to stop the midnight Insta scrolling and catch some Z’s. Your whole body will thank you, from your brain, to your eyes to your skin - hey, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Whilst we all know how important our sleep schedule is, switching off is definitely easier said than done. So, why not invest in an accessory to help move things along - it’s got to be better than counting sheep, right? 


We always say quality over quantity (maybe AND quantity this time…)

Light from street lamps, phone screens, or TV’s left on post-Netflix and chill can disturb our sleep. Our brains produce the hormone Melatonin which regulates our sleep cycle and helps us to get as much REM sleep as we need - that’s the really important bit where your brain processes all the information from the day and stores it in your long term memory. But, sleeping with the lights on disturbs this natural Melatonin production and makes it harder for your body to unwind and prepare for sleep. Sleeping in the light has been linked to all kinds of health issues, from insomnia, depression, breast cancer, obesity and even cardiovascular disease. Needless to say, blocking out the light is key to getting a decent bit of shuteye - and investing in an eye mask is certainly cheaper than blackout curtains. Super handy for those Sunday afternoon hungover couch naps too. 


In case you really needed another reason to hit the snooze button, sleep also helps to keep your skin healthy, radiant and wrinkle free. Well rested skin is plumper, stronger, and less inflamed - the body begins to produce its own collagen as we sleep, reducing visible signs of aging and even helping to repair acne scars. The skin around your eyes is so delicate that it can even be damaged by the pressure of rubbing against your pillow at night, leading to collagen breakdown - and then, the dreaded crow’s feet. All faces are beautiful, warts and all - but preventing unnecessary skin damage is always a good thing in our eyes. A sleep mask will act as another layer of protection between you and any external damaging factors such as pillows, dust, and pet hair. Your skin will also thank you for the extra time in bed, as this is when it’s able to repair itself. Finally free of UV rays, makeup and pollution, your skin goes through its nightly renewal - and glycolic acid is a great addition to your nighttime skincare routine. 


So, Karen from Finance has still got it out for you, that leftover chilli lunch burst in your bag on the tube, and you’ve lost your new lippy down the gap trying to clean it up. Feel like nothing can help restore your inner zen? Well, sling the cigs (yes, e-cigs as well), and get yourself tucked in at 9pm sharp. Eye masks are an easy way to get more, better quality sleep, and are much healthier than self medicating with a glass of pinot after a bad day. Scientifically, our cortisol levels can go through the roof when we’re not getting our eight hours. This increase in stress hormone not only affects our mood, but also leaves us with hair loss, inflamed skin, and puffy eyes - so sorry ladies, cucumber slices just won’t cut it for this one. Popband’s Starry Eyes Warming Eye Mask* gently warms your eyes for maximum soothing and de-stressing, AND helps you get a good nights slumber - win, win.  

*Featuring in your February Roccabox! 


Popmask Starry Eyes


Appetite control

Here at Roccabox HQ we say NO to diets of any kind - life is far too short to be turning down Kinder Buenos. So, live like Marie Antoinette and let them eat cake, girl. That said, being kind to yourself means staying strong and powerful (not starving), and hitting the hay that little bit earlier can help you to manage any excess binging. Studies show that when you’re tired you not only eat more, but you crave all the high fat, high sugar (read: delicious) foods we should be having in moderation. Using a sleep mask can help you to get in that extra hour, which could make a huge difference in how easy you find it to stick to a healthy, nutritious diet.


We all get bogged down in our responsibilities, and it can sometimes feel like no matter how well we plan, things can slip through the net. Now, whilst we love a good iPhone reminder as much as the next girl, managing our schedules is a lot easier when our memory is performing how it should be. Missing sleep can not only affect your ability to remember, but can even lead to you creating false memories. Sleep masks are such an effective way of getting an extra forty winks, and as they’re so affordable and easily accessible there is no reason not to try one on for size. You might just be surprised at the difference.

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