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The best Christmas cocktails on Pinterest

Christmas and cocktails go together like, well, like Christmas and cocktails. They’re kitsch, they’re yummy and they get us drunk – what could be more festive than that? Which is why we couldn’t let the silly season pass us by without giving you our edit of the best Chrimbo cocktails out there. First of all, let’s put a disclaimer out: we’re not claiming to be cocktail connoisseurs here. For us, there are just three simple boxes we expect our cocktails to tick: they need to taste delicious (isn’t that the point of them?); they need to do their merry job (let’s not beat around the bush here); oh and OBVIOUSLY they need to look good. Which is why when we need a little Chrimbo cocktail inspo you’ll find us filling our boots over on Pinterest. Here’s our pick of the best Christmas 2019 cocktails on Pinterest – tried and tested, we assure you:


  1. Baileys Chocolate Orange – if there was one thing that could possibly make a Terry’s Chocolate Orange even better, it would be if it could get us drunk. Oh hello, Bailey’s Chocolate Orange. Blend Baileys® Original Irish Cream and Grand Marnier (so easy even we can do it) and you’ve basically got a grown up version of the quintessential Christmas chocolate. 


  1. Eggnog White Russian – a wolf in sheep’s clothing, don’t be fooled by this innocent looking beverage: a heady mix of Kahlua, vanilla vodka and eggnog makes for one seriously dangerous combo, especially when it tastes this good.


  1. Christmas Sangria – in summer we’re suckers for Sangria, so it’s only right that we put the Chrimbo version – with brandy, red wine, pear and cranberry juice – in third place. 



  1. Mistletoe Martini – our fave thing about this cocktail? The sprig of rosemary that you add at the end, simply because it looks like mistletoe. 


  1. Refined sugar-free mulled wine – sweeten this blend of cinammon sticks, cloves, star anise, brandy and red wine with maple syrup and apple juice instead of white sugar. It becomes marginally less sinful than its saccharine sister and gives us one less thing to feel guilty about over party season – we’ll take that.


All that booze got you feeling a little foggy? You need our top post-party recovery tip. Pop a couple of sachets of Yeti and the Fox* in your clutch, drink one just after your first cocktail and another just before you head to bed and let it work its hangover-busting magic. An antioxidant rich mix of Glutathione and Vitamin B6 will replenish your energy, neutralize toxins and leave you feeling restored by morning. If that’s not a Christmas miracle, we don’t know what is. 

*because we care about you (and your livers) we’ve thrown some into your December Roccabox. You can thank us later. 

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