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The Capsule 2.0 Peek: Nails Inc

Our collaboration with The Capsule is BACK! 7 products, for 7 moments of you time. Right this way for your first sneak peek...

This long-lasting polish formula from Nails Inc has both subtle and eye-catching colours, whilst being highly pigmented. Achieve a flawless home mani or pedi with ease (like a professional nail salon) worth £9.00


Why do we love it? 

 Its 100% cruelty free Polish that's streak free, high shine and gloss that lasts up to three weeks! The wide brush is designed to work with the shape of the nail and minimise the number of strokes you do! You’ll be as obsessed as us in no time.

How do we use it? 

  1. Apply one coat of Base Coat to clean, dry nails. 
  2. Then two coats of polish (colour of your choice). 
  3. Finish with one coat of 45 Second Top Coat.

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