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The Capsule Product Reveal: Sassy Shop Wax


Incase you haven't heard, we have curated a wellness Limited Edition box, filled with 7 full sized products, worth over £110 in collaboration with The Capsule. We are revealing products each day up until the launch on 14.06.20 - you can read our first reveals here and here.

Your next reveal for this box is from Sassy Shop Wax. They've made us an exclusive wax melt bar (pink of course). 

Sassy Shop Wax

Why do we love it?

Have you ever wanted the continual smell of fresh laundry, without actually doing the laundry? Well, we have your back! These Soft Towels Wax Melt Bars are the fresh scent of clean towels warm and fluffy straight from the dryer. The scent is strong, long lasting and will keep your house feeling clean and fresh. 

These little bars of joy typically give a scent for up to 12-18 hours. These are ideal for those lazy weekends, breakfast in bed kind of mornings.

How do we use it?

Easy as pie, simply add 2 cubes or more to your appropriate wax melt burner for the scent to fill the room.

This is a box you won't want to miss! Sign up to The Capsule Limited Edition VIP list here.

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