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The five body positive Insta accounts that GENUINELY make us feel good

Body positivity

Stuck in a bit of a self-hating rut? Not feeling the best version of yourself right now? Looking for some Insta-inspo to help you fall more in love with your bod? There are 6.2 million Instagram posts on #bodypositivity at last check. But don’t worry, we’ve picked five accounts for you to follow that cover all bases. The five that we turn to if (when) we feel a bit sh*t about ourselves. So ladies, go follow them right away, because life is too short to be a (self) hater. 

Georgie Clarke @georgie.clarke 332k

A quick glance over Georgie Clarke’s Insta grid and you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s just another model-influencer (eye roll) with a love for filters. Look a little closer however and you’ll see that while Georgie is an absolute sort with all the hallmarks of a typical influencer  (#ads) she’s actually refreshingly honest with it all. Delve into her gorgeously glossy picks as she candidly shares her behind the scenes footage. Look out for close-ups of cellulite (hers!); the side effects of bad lighting (um, cellulite again) and she’ll let you in on all the tricks of the trade (hint, pulling your knickers up makes a massive difference.) WE LOVE HER.



Millie Mackintosh @milliemackintosh 1.4m 

It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity using their platform for something more than just showing off about how fabulous their life is (which, let’s face it, Millie could very easily do.) Her candid account of new motherhood, breastfeeding struggles and her post-partum body genuinely floored us and earned her major kudos, particularly with the mums on the Roccabox team. 


Jodie @Jojomclarenx 12.1k 

Full of inspiring yoga videos (Jojo is a major yoga advocate) genuinely helpful wellness advice (we loved her useful tips on how to change from a night owl to an early bird) and honest accounts of learning to self-love, if you’re looking for a boost to your mental wellness in order to feel a bit more positive, Jojo is your woman. Her 12 thousand (and growing) followers can’t be wrong. 



Sarah Bockhart @sarahbockhartfitness 5.6k 

If you’re struggling to shed your post-lockdown post-Chrimbo excess weight– and we don’t just mean pounds, we mean that mental weight surrounding your body that pulls you down into a rut, then check out this nutritionist/PT’s Insta. You won’t find super-filtered videos of a surgically enhanced glossy nutritionist telling you how to lose weight, or images of a honey-hued honed gym bod in full squat. Instead what you’ll get is an honest, knowledgeable and empathetic (not to mention make-up free) expert giving you sound, realistic advice for re-setting your diet demons. 



 Megan Rose Lane @megan_rose_lane 297k 

Not strictly a body positivity advocate –more of an everything positivity advocate - Megan’s empowering messages, motivational quotes and unfiltered photos make us want to be her best friend. She’s absolutely stunning, but honest and open about how her bod has changed since becoming a mum. Her genuineness makes us want to be ourselves, and absolutely nobody else. Well, except, maybe her. 


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