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The Gym-Bag Edit

Bikini season is almost here, which means our workouts are becoming slightly more frequent and a little more intense. As we take our workouts up a gear we need a few key products in our gym-bag that will help us in our quest for (are we allowed to say it?) a bikini body.

We’re pretty ruthless when it comes to our gym-bag cosmetics: we need multitasking skin and hair products that will put in the same amount of effort that we’re putting in at the gym. Just as not all workouts are created equally, we also want targeted products that perfectly complement the type of exercise we’re doing. That’s why we’ve put together our cut of gym-bag essentials: tried and tested products that are a must, either pre or post-workout, and tailor made to match each of our workouts.

The workout: HIIT

The product: Mio Skincare Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel £21

This product in five words? A massage in a bottle. Still need convincing? A combo of arnica, magnesium, horse chestnut and spearmint instantly cool skin, boost circulation, ease muscular aches and speed up recovery. So we’re ready to go again the next day.

The workout: Reformer Pilates






The product: Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes £4.44

Not so sweaty that we need a shower (yes, we do sometimes do that) but still sporting a reformer-induced ‘glow’: post-pilates is when we need something that will freshen us up fast. Harnessing all the dirt-magnet powers of micellar water, these handy wipes effortlessly and quickly remove impurities. Plus, as they’re designed for sensitive souls, they don’t leave skin feeling tight, so if we’re really squeezed for time (and washbag space) we can skip moisturizer.




The workout: Yoga

The product: Kure Bazaar The Natural Pedicure Ritual £4.50

The last thing you want to be thinking during your Downward Dog is how shameful your
un-pedicured toes are looking. Our summertime resolution is to keep our tootsies looking mat-worthy at all times, so we’ve enrolled the help of this little at-home combo: a creamy foot mask to hydrate and soften, nail file and cuticle stick to sort out our toenails and a pampering pair of foot nourishing socks.



The workout: Barre

The product: OUAI Wave Spray £22 


Perfect for some post-barre brunching/dating/drinking, this gorgeous spray lets us spritz and go – no hair washing required. When our hair is fresh-from-working-out damp, we mist this and it activates all our natural waves, boosts body and adds plenty of lift to the roots. Sexy, undone hair, just like that.


The workout: Boxing

The product: Anti Bacterial Handcare Cowshed £7

Ever feel like your hands are never quite clean enough after taking off your boxing gloves? Us too. So, what was once our handbag essential now takes a lead role in our gym bag too, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Extra points for moisturizing our cuticles, after they’ve taken a bit of a battering on the punchbag.



The workout: Spin

The product: Pixi Double Cleanse £24

After a sweat-heavy sesh we want our skin to feel squeaky-clean. This nifty pot holds two products: a solid cleansing oil and a luxe cleansing cream, so we can have a powerful double cleanse with minimal effort (and less products to lug around). The oil shifts dirt, sweat and any leftover make-up and sunscreen (ideal after a post-work workout) while the second stage cleansing cream ensures skin is thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and re-hydrated.

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