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How to find the OTHER perfect nude in your life

We hear plenty of chatter about how important it is to find the perfect nude lip, but we bet you’ve never considered how life-changing it could be (well, face-changing at the very least) if you nailed the perfect nude eye. Want to make your whole face look ‘can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-why’ better? Course you do. So, how about you put down your Nude Kate (Charlotte Tilbury’s queen buff lippie) and get on board with pulling off a nude eye. The new nude, if you please. Because those glossy aubergine lips of this season are going to need to be paired with a very naked-looking eye and if you hadn’t already heard, Spring/ Summer ’18 (which IS just around the corner) is all about pared-back pared-down beauty.

Much like the nude lip quest, the route to finding your ideal nude eyeshadow can be tricky – but once you nail it, you’ve found a friend for life. The best shade of nude for your face will brighten your complexion, make your eyes dazzle and will light up your entire look. So it’s worth the slog. Here are some tips for getting it right:

Skin TONE matters more than skin COLOUR

Your skin colour can vary from month to month, becoming lighter with less sun exposure and darker at other times. However what never changes is your skin tone – whether your skin is warm or cool. Greenish veins signal warm skin, bluish veins mean cool – as a general guide- but also look for whether your skin has more of a yellow undertone or pink. Determine your skintone and you will be much better at finding colours that suit you, flatter your complexion and ‘lift’ your entire look. Think ‘neutral’ and match like with like, so fair skin that is warm in tone tends to look better with a buttery sand shade, while fair complexions with a cool undertone will suit a slightly rosier taupe.

Stay within your own 4 shades

Once you find your palette – warm or cool - you can play around with depth, pigment and colours, but stick to within four shades of your natural skin colour, to keep the look in ‘nude’ territory. Remember your aim is mimic the natural colour of your lids– a little like finding foundation for your face. This isn’t about making a bold colour statement.

Create your own bespoke colour

Cougar 6 Shades of Nude eyeshadow palette, £13* features six shades of shimmering nude shadow, allowing you to play around and blend until you find that perfect nude. Stick to one or two of the colours or mix and match all six, until you nail that perfect shade.

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