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This NIP + FAB range is the key to clearing your complexion

We're free to get back out into society (yey!) which means we will be drinking in beer gardens, gathering in gardens and sitting through Prosecco picnics with our mates again. One key factor in all of the above is that all our socialising will be done outside - which means if you’re currently suffering with spotty, congested, blemished skin you might be starting to panic. The harsh reality of sunlight means that every spot is, quite literally, put under the spotlight, and the great outdoors is no place for heavy foundations and cakey coverage. But don’t worry, you’ve got enough time to get in place a skincare regime with some seriously effective products that will clarify your complexion and clear up those pesky spots - and we’ve got just the range for it. 

Nip+Fab’s Salicylic Fix range contains dermatologists’ go-to ingredient for unblocking pores, reducing blemishes and clearing up congestion: Salicylic acid. Not only does Salicylic acid work wonders on clearing your skin, it does it without drying it. It’s also anti-inflammatory and incredibly brightening. Our favorite way to use it? At night, as part of a multi-step routine that has become our tried-and-tested route to clear skin when everything’s looking a little blemish-y. 

So if your skin is suffering from the dreaded Maskne or is looking a little more blemished than usual, then why not try our go-to at-home facial? Try this two or three times a week and you’ll see a massive improvement....



Cleanse away make-up SPF pollution and daily grime with NIP+ FAB Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser to create a clean foundation.


Exfoliate with NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Scrub to gently plough away congestion-building dead skin that leaves skin looking dull.


Sweep the NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Night Pads to treat and heal blemished areas.


Use the Salicylic Fix Concentrate 2% as a powerful treatment, on the areas needing a little extra attention - for us that means chin and T-zone. 


Use the NIP+FAB Salicylic Fix Serum Extreme on the rest of our skin, to soothe and clear.


Finally, we layer the NIP+FAB Salicylic Moisturiser for much needed hydration and protection, without adding any extra oil. 

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