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Three Tips on How to Pack Like a Pro

So, ladies. Your holiday to Mykonos is booked, you’ve had your hair blown out, eyebrows threaded and mani-pedi gels done in a poppin’ shade of coral. All that’s left, is the packing.

Love it or loathe it, packing when it’s hand luggage only, can become a real stress.


Gone are the days where airport style is determined by the height of your heels, or if you turned left or right when stepping onto the plane.

Now, it’s all about convenience.

Being able to breeze straight past the dreaded check-in queue’s, fly through security (not stressing whether your Thierry Mugler will be confiscated), to finally stroll into that overpriced bar, enjoying your pre-holiday G&T (regardless of whether its 7am or 7pm). Now hun, that’s style.

It all starts with prep prep prep, ensuring that your hand luggage organisation is absolutely on point. So, we’ve got three fabulous tips to help you get there.  



Be realistic

No, you do not need three jumpers for a weekend in Marbella. You also don’t need five pairs of sandals.

Plan your outfits around exactly what you need, even down to jewellery. Take a clutch bag that goes with everything and one pair of classy sandals that complement all your evening outfits, you’ll only need flip flops during the day, and a couple of beach cover-up’s.  Loose floaty clothes take up the least packing space, so these are always a winner.


Roll it baby

Girls. We can’t emphasise this enough. Roll your clothes. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a TREAT on how much more you can pack. Roll underwear into shoes, roll any delicates inside clothing, tie belts around bulkier things to squeeze out the air.

Try it. Thank us later.



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I mean, we don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to travel toiletries, we’ve got this one DOWN.

July’s box is themed around prepping you for your hols, but to be fair, most of our products are travel sized.


What’s extra special about July’s box?

Firstly, the Pixi Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm is the ultimate multitasker.

This little wonder is an absolute marvel, we’ve been using on our lips (obvs), for a natural and nourishing colour wash, then dabbing into cheeks as a blusher. If used carefully, it can also be used as a subtle shade on your eyes. All this from one balm… we’re impressed.

The Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Duo are travel sized and great for nourishing hair with amino acids and bamboo extracts. Meaning less product is needed to be packed, for taming that dreaded Monica Geller humidity frizz.

Caught the sun a little too much on your cheeks? The Beauty Pro Nourishing Collagen Sheet Mask soothes skin and cools it down. Beauty tip; pop it in the fridge for 10 mins when you get back into the room, then apply and chill out with a packet of Lays before you go out for evening cocktails. It’s super thin so takes up no space inside your toiletry bag.

Ladies, this one’s the ultimate packing essential for saving space. It doesn’t need to go inside the toiletry bag and saves a tonne of space by replacing cleansers. The Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover legit takes off ALL makeup with just warm water. Honestly, this is the future for hand luggage packing.

A face mist is amazing to throw into your beach bag to cool yourself in the sun. It adds a gorgeous healthy glow to your skin and smells amazing. From the space saved by leaving your cleansers at home, the Merci Handy Refreshing Face Mist is going to be your new holiday bff.

Now, we appreciate this one doesn’t apply to everyone, but the DAME organic tampon samples can be a life saver if you think you may be due on. They are teeny tiny, and come in a cute little box. Perfect to pop in your case, just in case.

If you’re a long term Roccaboxer, you’ll have a great collection of travel toiletries to call upon for when you’re flying hand luggage only. There are many benefits to being a beauty box lover ;)


So, with these three tips, and of course the July Roccabox, you'll have a couple insider tips up your sleeve for when you’re next packing your hand luggage case.

Effortless hand luggage packing? Completed it. 


Love Roccabox x

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