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Unbox the Wellness Rituals ROCCABOX

A Self-care ritual can mean something different to everyone, it could be sitting down with a cuppa to do your at home pedi, a walk with a podcast, or a facemask with your favourite book. Whichever it might be for you, we’ve rounded up 5 products that we’ve recently incorporated into our own routines. Worth £65, this box contains 4 full sized products and a delicious mini. Here’s what’s in the box! 

Fewe - CBD Serum (1 selection of 4) RRP £20

What is it? Fewe has been a brand on our radar for a while… They create innovative, science-based products that have been carefully designed to support us girls through our menstrual cycles. Each product is particularly effective during certain stages of your cycle, broken down into 4 stages and you can read more about those here.

We’ve included 1 of 4 serums in your ROCCABOX, which one did you get? 

Thirst Trap: A radiance restoring Hyaluronic Acid serum designed to hydrate your skin at its most thirsty. 

Get Up and Glow: A Vitamin C packed CBD brightening serum for when your skin lacks oomph.

Seeking Clarity: A purifying and plumping serum which helps cleanse and reduce the size of pores, whilst reviving skin. 

Spot The Difference: A blemish-busting Salicylic Acid serum for when your skin is at its most dramatic.

Why it’s a wellness ritual: These products are all infused with CBD, which is hailed as a wellness hero for its anti-inflammatory properties and much more. Skincare is a ritual that all of us look forward to, morning and night. 

How to use: Apply 2 pumps onto clean skin in the AM and PM. Follow up with a moisturiser. 

Manucurist - Green Nail Polish, in shades Pink Sand, Pastel Pink or Bois De Rose (full size) RRP £14

What is it? A totally advanced polish powered by plants, without compromise on shine and wear-time. Quick dry, ultra resistant, intense glossy finish. What more could you ask for?

Why it’s a wellness ritual: With warmer weather on the horizon, taking 30 mins to spruce up your toes is our idea of self care. Teamed with your favourite Netflix show and a cuppa, it’s a great time to find an excuse for some ‘me time’. Plus, you’ll get at least 30 applications from this bottle - that’s a lot of money saved compared to the salon! 

Pro Tip: the fridge is the best place to store it! Reducing the temperature helps prevent the polish from evaporating and slows down the rate at which the ingredients deteriorate. 

Brushworks - Pamper Product (you’ll receive 1 of 2 options) 

Brushworks Cleansing Mask Applicator (full size) RRP £7.49 

What is it? A silicone applicator which serves as a mess free and hygienic alternative to applying face masks, cleansers, moisturisers, and scrubs. Featuring a flat end for applying face masks and small silicone bristles for cleansing your skin, this mask applicator is something you need in your pamper kit.

Why it’s a wellness ritual: Skincare is a hero step in any self-care pamper ritual! 

How to use: Use the applicator side to scoop and spread the mask onto your skin. Use the spatula to gently smooth so the product is evenly distributed. Use the silicone bristles on the other end to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. After use, rinse the tool clean with soap and warm water.


Brushworks Defining Brow Set (full size) RRP £9.99 

What is it? Featuring a spoolie to shape your brows; curved scissors to trim your brow hair and precise slanted tweezers to take care of stray hairs, this trio is a beauty essential.

Why it’s a wellness ritual: Groomed brows make us feel a little more *put together* and did you know having perfectly shaped brows can actually make you look younger, accentuate the face and much more… Yep, sign us up! 

Illamasqua - Antimatter Lipstick in the shade Cosmic or Bang (full size) RRP £20

What is it? A semi-matte formula designed to provide enduring, hydrating colour to your lips. It nourishes whilst still delivering a pigmented colour. Encased in the iconic black packaging, it's a must-have for cruelty-free beauty enthusiasts. And rest assured, it's vegan-friendly too! Which shade will you get? 

Why it’s a wellness ritual: Lipstick isn’t necessarily a ‘wellness’ ritual but it's a standalone step to finishing off any makeup look or outfit. A slick of this creamy lipstick will give you confidence to take on the day - a ritual we don’t often like to leave the house without. 

Dose Labs in ‘Jump Start’ or ‘Zone In’ - 3 day supply (sample) RRP £4

We’ve treated you to a taster pack of tasty gummies from Dose Labs, packed with a dose of vitamins, minerals & adaptogens, scientifically proven to support your brain function. 

Which one did you get?

Zone In: Good for a dose of focus with a dash of concentration. Each gummy tastes like sour raspberry and is packed with ginseng, green tea and zinc. 

Jump Start: Good for a dose of energy with a loving kick up the ass. Each gummy tastes like juicy mango and is packed with vitamins C, B12, D and zinc. 

Why it’s a wellness ritual: Taking vits for whatever you need them more is a mini ritual that we love to get ticked off our list. Need morning energy or need some extra zzzz’s? There’s a vit for that. 

You can get all of these products in our April ‘Wellness Rituals’ ROCCABOX from £15 with our ROCCABOX Subscription, or as an one-off purchases for £22 here. 

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