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Using Doctors Formula Probiotic Skincare for optimum skin barrier health

Probiotic skincare uses products that contain live microorganisms to improve skin health. Applying probiotics directly on the skin forms a protective shield preventing skin cells from being in contact with bad bacteria and skin-altering aggressors. Sounds like an essential skincare need right? RIGHT. 

We love discovering products from Doctor’s Formula for quite a few reasons: 

  • They’re 100% Cruelty Free / Not tested on animals.
  • Formulated in the UK
  • A knowledgeable Cosmeceutical based brand which harnesses the best current active ingredients on the market 
Using Doctors Formula Probiotic Skincare for optimum skin barrier health


Meet your Probiotics Ingredient Box in collaboration with Doctor’s Formula. Which contains 1 radiance routine and 2 overnight replenishing products. 

Your radiance routine: 

Step 1: Start with the deeply penetrating skin serum 

Doctors Formula Probiotic Radiance Serum 30ml (full size) RRP £89

This serum is a deeply hydrating formula that works to strengthen the skin’s defences. Containing skin hydration and barrier boosting ingredients that aim to give your skin a plump, hydrated and radiant looking complexion. 

How to use: Apply to clean, cleansed skin 

Step 2: Designed to target puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area 

Doctors Formula Probiotic Lifting & Radiance Eye Serum 15ml  (full size) RRP £89

Say goodbye to tired peepers, this product encourages a healthy skin microbiome. Replenishing lost moisture to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and droopy upper eyelids while smoothing fine lines.

How to use: Using your ring finger (so you don’t damage delicate skin around your area) apply by gently patting on the eye contour.

Step 3: This last step acts like a shield locking in all of the benefits of the serum and protects your microbiome

Doctors Formula Probiotic 12 Hour Day Protection Moisturiser 50ml (full size) RRP £89

This antioxidant rich formulation is made up of a blend of Probiotics including Hydrolysed Yeast which helps replenish intense moisture whilst aiming to plump the facial contours for a youthful effect It also provides a physical barrier to protect the skin from environmental irritants and should be used to help lock in Doctors Formula Probiotics Radiance Serum and its anti-ageing actives and nutrients.

How to use: Apply to face and neck in slow circular motions

Your nighttime heroes 

Doctors Formula Probiotic Overnight Repairing Serum 30ml  (full size) RRP £89

A hydrating formula that works alongside the skin’s natural night-time processes.

Containing a blend of active ingredients such as Probiotics and Cactus Extract which help provide a gentle exfoliation by sweeping away impurities and dead skin cells and ultimately resulting in a smoother, brighter looking skin tone. 

How to use: After cleansing, use it as the first step in your evening skin routine. Apply to face and neck. 

Doctors Formula Probiotic 8 Hour Repairing Night Moisturiser 50ml (full size) RRP £89

Crafted with probiotic ingredients and nourishing Coconut Oil. It's designed to provide lasting hydration, improve complexion, and promote a youthful, plump appearance for your skin.This night moisturiser aims to help maximise cell regeneration and works to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated whilst you sleep when our skin's trans-epidermal water loss is at its highest. 

How to use: Use as the last step in your evening skin routine to lock in all the good stuff. 

Using Doctors Formula Probiotic Skincare for optimum skin barrier health

You can get all of these Probiotic Skincare products in our Doctor’s Formula Probiotics Limited Edition Box here.

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