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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Buying him a gift for Valentine’s Day isn’t strictly necessary: let’s face it, there’s a very strong possibility that he will forget to buy you anything. But if you’re feeling pretty confident that you’ll wake up on the 14th to more than a bunch of BP’s finest florals, and want to make sure you can return the favour, then check out our gift guide for some V-Day shopping inspo….

For the long-term love:

Now is the perfect time to treat him to that one Christmas present you totally forgot to order (admit it, it happened) but if you’re really all out of ideas then you can’t go wrong with the ultra-luxe Urban Apothecary Oudh Geranium Luxury Hand Sanitiser Gel £20.00 After all, nothing says I Love You like the gift of clean hands. 

For the 3 month-er: 

Introduce him to the mood-lifting, pause-pressing benefits of a Lush CBD Bath Bomb. This quirky dual-coloured bomb is stamped with 4.20pm – a reminder to take an afternoon soak in a calming CBD infused bath. If you’re lucky he’ll ask you to join him. 

For the Tinder date that (you think) is going somewhere: 

It might be going somewhere, it might not – you’d know better if you weren’t being kept apart by another bloody lockdown. Encourage him to enjoy those nights alone, until you’re able to join him, with the Calm Club Big Night In Box.  

For the friend with benefits

Should you or shouldn’t you buy a Valentine’s gift for a F-buddy? The jury is still out, but if you really must then keep it very flirty, a little bit kinky and definitely not soppy. Neom’s Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle £40, which doubles up as a skin-loving massage oil, definitely sends off the right message.  

For the secret crush

You don’t know that much about him, which makes him tricky to buy for – but everyone loves coffee, right? Get him a 'keep cup'.

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