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Warning: You will probably become addicted to this product...

We know you’re sick of being inundated with product taglines that promise the world and don’t deliver, but at Roccabox you can trust us to only say a product is really good, if it’s, well, bloody brilliant. Why? Because we’re a bunch of hard-to-please women with some pretty high standards when it comes to the beauty products we use. So when we find a product that we cannot get enough of, then you need to sit up and take notice. Enter our current obsession: Vita Liberata Mini Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish £5*. Yes, we’ve come to accept that summer is over, so the tan has long-faded and you’re wondering why we have suddenly become obsessed with - what it essentially - an instant tanning product. Well, we’re about to tell you. Body Blur is no ordinary instant tan. There’s no denying it does a pretty great job of giving skin a gorgeous colour – expect a coffee-coloured shade that has no telltale orange undertones. But it’s the ‘blurring’ element of this product that elevates it to super-product status. The clever cream formula leaves skin with a high-definition finish, with imperfections, pigmentation and skin issues such as stretch marks, camouflaged to perfection. Think of it as a heavy-duty foundation that hides all the bits you don’t like and leaves you with flawless sunkissed skin to rival a VS model. Yes – it is that good. Amazingly flattering when used on legs (a haven for imperfections) we guarantee that once you try using Body Blur on bare skin before a night out, you will become hooked. Still not convinced? These are the top 5 things we love about Vita Liberata's wonder product. Get ready to become just as smitten as we are…

  1. It garners compliments in weird places

It was our editor that first discovered Vita Liberata’s Body Blur range, while walking through John Lewis one lunchtime, en route to a meeting. Stopping to test it, she applied a little to her forearm, before hurrying off to said lunch and forgetting all about it. Over the next hour she had no less than three compliments on how good her arm looked: a true testament to how good Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish is (because let’s face it – when were you last complimented on your forearm?)

  1. We can say goodbye to cellulite (albeit temporarily)

This does to your body what a seriously good foundation does to your face. Spider veins, bruises, even cellulite…no flaw can withstand the coverage of Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish. We aren’t saying that these imperfections are going for good – that would just be ridiculous – but if they’re gone for a few hours, so we can flash our pins on a night out and feel amazing – we’ll take it.

  1. We don’t HAVE to wave goodbye to our tan

If lilywhite skin isn’t your thing – even as winter looms – then this product is your new bestie. It gives pale skin a hint of a tint and takes naturally (or faux) tanned skin to a deeper shade, leaving it with a glowing finish, thanks to its light-reflecting particles.

  1. Our White Company sheets are grateful to us (and so is the 'other half')

As our new favorite all-rounder gives skin a very believable nut-brown tan, we’re banishing our usual fake tan – you know, the kind you apply before bed, that leaves your sheets stained orange and your sleeping partner moaning about the smell – to the back of the cabinet.

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you…

  1. We don’t need to filter the cr*p out of our pics anymore

This seriously does deliver flawless skin in seconds. It’s basically airbrushing in a (very cute, very handbag-friendly) tube. So just apply to bare skin or over the top of a base tan, for camera-ready skin in a flash. #NoFilter. Still don’t believe us? Try it for yourself* and let us know what you think below.....

* Vita Liberata Mini Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish £5 is included in your October Roccabox


Discount code VITALIBERATA20 on **

** vaild until 31/12/17 1 use per customer, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, minimum spend £5.

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