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What Is A Hair Perfume? How to Use It

What is a hair perfume? 

Hair perfume is a specialised fragrance mist crafted specifically for your hair and scalp, free from ingredients known to cause dryness or frizz. Not only do they smell amazing, numerous hair perfumes serve as multitasking wonders, infused with other ingredients that help retain moisture and rejuvenate the hair. 

Why is it different from regular perfume?

Skin fragrances typically contain a significant concentration of ethyl alcohol, (which by the way is known for its potential to excessively dry out both the hair and scalp). Not the vibe. 

In contrast, hair perfume contains only a minimal amount of alcohol, making it far gentler on your hair. it avoids weighing down your locks or leaving any undesirable crunchiness or stickiness. 

Hopefully by now you can see why we love hair perfumes so much. So much so,that in every May ‘Hair and Skin Heroes’ ROCCABOX, we’ve included the Paul Yacomine Parfum De Coiffeur Hair Oil, in Bergamot worth £30. 

Firstly, let us formally introduce you to Paul Yacomine. He is a master in the hair industry and has been consulting, formulating and experimenting with various natural ingredients for over 25 years. He really knows his stuff. 

His products are the epitome of luxury and he’s worked on innovative styles and textures for the world's leading models, celebrities and magazines and now it’s your turn to try. 

What is a Coiffeur? 

"Parfum de coiffeur" translates to "hairdresser's perfume" in English. It refers to the distinctive scent often associated with hair salons or barbershops. This scent can vary depending on the products used, such as shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, hairsprays, and other hair care items. 

What scent is it?

Bergamot: A revitalising natural aroma of Sicilian Bergamot, Rose & organic Ylang Ylang oil refreshes and energises. The ultimate finishing touch for beautiful hair.

How do I use it?

These are oils, so you want to avoid any marks on your clothes. For hair, spray above your head at arms length  Use like a regular perfume on your body/ pulse points

It can also be applied to pulse-points or layered to create your own individual scent without the drying effects of alcohol. 

You can get the Paul Yacomine - Parfum De Coiffeur Hair Oil (worth £30) in our May Hair and Skin Heroes’ ROCCABOX.

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