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Why US fragrance brand KIERIN NYC is giving us all the escapism we need right now

At Roccabox we’re always on the lookout for new brands. In fact, we pride ourselves in discovering hot new brands that are disrupting the industry and bringing something new to the table. There are new beauty launches all the time and new brands emerging constantly but they don’t always have something new to say, something refreshing to offer or something innovative to blow our minds. So when we do come across a game-changer, we get very very excited about it. 

Kierin Perfume


Kierin NYC is one of those brands. For a bit of backstory Kierin NYC is, as its name suggests, a US-born fragrance brand, that couldn’t be less fragrance brand-y if it tried. Forget any preconceived notions about traditional fragrance houses, as Kierin NYC is the antithesis of those. Describing itself as a ‘bold, disruptive brand challenging the rules of fragrance.’ it has tasked itself with challenging the fragrance industry and using fragrance to inspire people, rather than allowing fragrance to define or confine us. And boy does it rise to the challenge.

Firstly, Kierin NYC scents are all genderless. Ok, nothing new there, you might argue, after all unisex fragrances have been a thing ever since Calvin Klein launched CK One back in 1984. Kierin NYC arguably takes it further though, with diversity and inclusion central to its branding - not just a marketing afterthought. 

Every fragrance in the Kierin NYC collection - there are currently 5 - has a fun name and an even more fun back story. Take 10am Flirt, £65 for example - it’s fresh, flirty and magnetic, and designed to leave a lasting impression. And who doesn’t want a little Sunday Brunch, £65 in their life right now? It’s a unique blend of cheery luminous citrus scents that is intended to ‘inspire a celebratory mood’ and fun memory making. We will most definitely be wearing Sunday Brunch to Bottomless Brunches when life returns. 

Kierin NYC perfume sample in Flirt or Nitro Noir

What we love most about Kierin NYC though is that each fragrance tells a story. Each one is inspired by real people NYC stories and the energetic vibes of their urban lifestyle. And let’s face it, at a time when the furthest place we can hope to escape to is our local park, there’s no overstating the importance of that sense of escapism it gives us. 

*you will find a sample of Kierin NYC Nitro Noir or 10am Flirt in the All About You Roccabox, on sale now

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