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Why We Are Loving BYBI Beauty...

At Roccabox, we love a good brand story. In our daily quest of beauty discovery, as soon as we first hear whispers of a disruptive new beauty brand on the scene we can’t help but immediately ask the story behind it. And what we really love in a brand story is a quirky detail or twist of fate. Step forward BYBI - the self proclaimed ‘skin positive, pro-planet’ beauty brand. In 2021 as the brand fills our beauty cupboards with all-natural, all-vegan products (super effective, super-skin loving ones) it seems crazy to think that BYBI never actually set out to be an all natural brand. Its co-founders Elsie and Dominika were simply on a mission to bottle healthy glowing skin.

Dominika Minarovic & Elsie Rutterford, BYBI natural skincare co-founders in their kitchen making formulas


“When BYBI was founded, it wasn’t intended to be an all natural skincare brand…” they explain, “...we wanted to make the best, most efficacious skincare possible that was also accessible, luxurious, and didn’t cause harm to the earth. It didn’t take us long to discover that the best ingredients ARE natural, and that plants are some of the most beneficial things you can put on your skin. We studied the formulas, we conducted the trials, but after countless searching, testing and skin mishaps, we found that natural ingredients gave us results like no other.” Which is how, in 2017, this gorgeous brand was born.

When Elsie and Dominika talk about ‘results’, what they actually mean is radiant, happy, balanced skin that is at optimum health and has the glow to prove it. Their innovative use of natural, plant-based ingredients within their skincare products - which includes their glow-giving Super Greens Face Mask £20* - nourish skin with essential vitamins and minerals and balance out the skin’s natural microbiome.

Scan the gorgeous boujee packaging and you’ll recognise the skin-loving ingredients - brightening bakuchiol, hydrating hyaluronic acid. These are products that we enjoy seeing on our bathroom shelves each morning and we can use daily knowing they’re doing our skin serious goodness. We can’t talk about BYBI without giving mention to their seriously green credentials though.

You won’t hear this said much, but it’s a fact that using natural ingredients in skincare is actually having a negative impact on the environment. “Natural doesn’t always mean sustainable.” They explain. “By using natural ingredients, we’re drawing on the Earth’s resources. The beauty industry is also guilty of glamourising rare and exotic ingredients sourced from far away, when in fact those very ingredients can have the largest environmental impact.” Which is why BYBI is declaring a fight against carbon.



“It is our goal to be the first carbon negative beauty brand, setting the standard for many more to come.” Aiming to become completely carbon negative by 2025 is their ambitious goal, all while continuing to deliver on their quest to give us happy, healthy, beaming skin. “We scrutinise the ingredients that we choose to include in every product, ensuring it delivers great skincare benefits with minimal impact to the planet. When we source ingredients, we source as close to home as possible in order to cut down on transportation emissions. Ingredients are chosen based on location, their supplier’s harvesting model (we like low energy, obvi) and if we can get it up-cycled or not. We love using up-cycled ingredients from the juice industry that would otherwise be thrown away—it saves waste, and provides some of the most nourishing, softening magic we’ve ever seen.”

Well that’s us sold. Whether you love BYBI because they’re making major waves, shaking up the industry and encouraging change where it’s needed, or simply (but crucially) because their Supercharge Serum gives you your most glowy base to date, it doesn’t really matter. Because as they do their thing and continue to bottle up great skin days (in 100% recyclable sugar/bioplastic packaging, natch) we’ll continue to buy it. So, are you ready to revolutionise how you moisturise, too?

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