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Why we love the Sensica Sensilift

Sensica Sensilift is a skin tightening and anti-ageing facial gadget, featuring the most advanced radio frequency technology. It’s perfect for giving yourself professional salon results, from the comfort of your own home! So, it’s pretty loveable if you ask us...

What does it do?

This wonder product smoothes wrinkles, increases collagen levels and tightens skin, the ultimate RF facial rejuvenation tool for ‘at home’ use. Sensilift reduces the appearance of fine lines by stimulating skin collagen in just one use! Quick, painless and noninvasive, it will ensure you achieve salon grade results without ever having to leave the house. 

Where’s the proof?

Most women want their skin to look firmer, tighter and feel pampered but can’t get to the beauty salon. With Sensilift, you can achieve professional results and instantly smooth plump skin in just 5 mins! Full treatment over 8 weeks. It is clinically proven to visibly smooth out and firm the skin from the very first treatment. 95% of users reported improved skin appearance, texture and wrinkle reduction following use of the device.

How do we use it?

To use, it’s simple. Make sure your face is clean and dry, then apply the base gel thinly onto the skin, select the right energy and speed for you, then apply to the chosen area in a circular movement! So, if you’re like us and getting quite used to the convenience of at-home beauty treatments, this is something you should be trying! 

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