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Why you need an Enzyme Peel in your skincare routine (ft. ESPA) 

What Is an Enzyme Peel?

It sounds fancy, but it’s actually one of the simplest and most effective treatments to rid your complexion of dead skin cells, for glowing skin. 

They don’t include any scary ingredients, as the enzymes used in peels usually come from fruits such as pineapple or pumpkin. They help break down the outer layers of skin, sloughing away dead skin cells. 

Where can I get one? 

At home peels have never been more accessible! We love the ESPA Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel 15ml (featured in our August ROCCABOX). You can try it from just £9.75. 

ESPA Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel

It delivers glycolic-like benefits, exfoliating fruit enzyme action, and supple hydration for ultimate skin radiance you can see and feel. You apply it at night, so it works whilst you get your beauty sleep. You’ll wake up with glowing, resurfaced luminous skin each morning. SOLD. 

What are the benefits of using the ESPA peel?

More than just glowing skin:  

  • Protects skin’s natural barrier function
  • Skin looks progressively fresher and more radiant with use
  • Depuffs & cools for a refreshed complexion on waking
  • Leaves skin with a visible natural glow
  • Has a non-sticky finish when formula dries on skin
  • Leaves skin plumped with moisture

Plus 95% of people agreed the product left their complexion looking refreshed*

*Tested on 120 panelists in a 2-week user trial 

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