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You’ll wake up to glowing skin EVERY time you use this product!

Every so often a skincare product comes along that blows our mind the very first time we use it. Of course, most skincare skin requires patience, commitment and time before you start to notice subtle changes and improvements to your complexion. Which makes sense: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that. But then every so often a skincare product lands on our desks that delivers a noticeable change to our skin’s texture, our level of glow, the way we manage to get away with less make-up, STRAIGHT AWAY.

Step forward Jorgobe AHA Glycolic Peeling Gel 10% Glycolic Acid, £23*. If you’ve ever considered a facial peel, but been reluctant for whatever reason (fear of irritation; cost; that episode of Sex and The City) then this might just be your answer. Working in much the same way - a high concentration of Glycolic Acid stimulates the skin’s cell renewal - you simply apply a thin layer of this gel over freshly cleansed skin, and leave it on for it to get to work clearing up impurities and getting rid of dull dead skin, so your skin can regain its natural glow.

So, down to the details. Firstly, while it shouldn’t cause any irritation, just be aware that its ingredients do increase sensitivity to UV rays. Whenever you use it you’ll need to follow up with UV protection - so when you’ve used it overnight make sure you’re using a facial SPF in the morning (which, of course, you should be doing anyway.)

Next, it works best overnight. Apply a thin layer (2 or 3 times a week is enough) before you hit the hay and expect to wake up to a visible change in your skin, regardless of your skin type and natural texture. How would we describe it? You know those weeks when you’ve steered clear of the booze, had plenty of sleep, hormones haven’t wreaked havoc and your skin just seems to play ball? Like that.Your skin but better. Slightly plumper, visibly clearer, noticeably brighter. Lightly dewy. Could definitely skip foundation.

And if it can give us our glow back and deliver that level of smoothness overnight, then we can only imagine what it will do to our skin in the long run. We’re told it’s been developed to improve the skin’s structure, smooth out wrinkles, add bounce to skin tone AND minimize hyper-pigmentation over time (“expect to see these results after about 6 weeks”). Quite a lengthy list of claims - and yet we have total faith. If the overnight results are anything to go by, we’re confident this gel will become a regular fixture in our weekly routine.

*we love it so much we’ve included a full-sized one inside your April Roccabox!

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