How it started... 

Roccabox is the brainchild of beauty-obsessed business-smart Tia Roqaa, a Leeds-born and London-bred young entrepreneur who, in 2016, decided that women needed a refreshing new way of discovering beauty.


A career in beauty PR working for leading global beauty brands left Tia with an appetite for beauty that wasn’t being met by the standard shopping experience. Shopping for beauty online was impersonal and overwhelming, while shopping for products in-store left little room for discovery. Tia decided that women needed a new route to beauty discovery that was convenient and affordable but still indulgent, pleasurable and exciting.


She dreamt up Roccabox, the monthly beauty box subscription, and launched it in March 2016- at a time when beauty boxes were still in their infancy and the world hadn’t yet realised their potential. Ever the early-adopter, Tia decided that every monthly Roccabox should be curated by a well-loved beauty influencer - so for over a year, every Roccabox was put together by an Insta-famous face. Over the following few years Roccabox went from strength to strength and was soon delivering the latest and most innovative beauty, from both established and emerging brands, to thousands of women’s doorsteps every month.

What's next for Roccabox?

By September 2021, Tia had grown a strong female-only team of beauty-savvy experts and together they decided to give the Roccabox brand the ultimate glow-up. Realising that Roccabox consumers had grown-up, along with the brand, and now valued more premium beauty and results-driven skincare, together with the know-how and insider-tips to get the most from their beauty routine. This meant one thing: give our customers exactly that.  

This is why we now deliver a monthly beauty box of 5 of the latest and most effective products from leading global brands, hand-selected by our team of beauty experts, alongside a healthy dose of insider-info from beauty industry leaders.  

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Join the Rocca gang here.   


Meet Our Team of Beauty Experts

Tia Roqaa

CEO and Founder

Maybe it’s all the years she spent heading up global beauty accounts at top London PR firms but Tia is a self-confessed sucker for new product launches. Which means you can thank her for making sure Roccabox customers get to skip waiting lists and be first to try out the latest beauty hype. She’s certainly no brand snob though: she’s first to admit her own bathroom cabinet is a total mix of high street and high end “I will try to convert anyone who listens to Q+A - their range is no-nonsense affordable skincare that does exactly what it says on the tin -

  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Fave cocktail: Lychee Martini
  • Fave thing about your job: Unlimited beauty products

Sarah Edge

PR Manager

She used to be a journalist for a major national fashion magazine, which means Sarah tends to critique every beauty product that lands on her desk with the eye of a beauty editor. The hardest of the Roccabox team to please - years of unlimited access to an unrivalled press beauty cupboard will do that to a girl - means that only the super-impressive makes her cut - and into your Roccaboxes. Her own skincare non-negotiable is hyaluronic acid (she always has three bottles of Evolve Organic’s Super Hyaluronic Serum on the go) and she’s a sucker for moisture-plumping oils (Ren tops her list and Vintner’s Daughter tops her wishlist). Her beauty weakness? Anything that smells of coconut. “If you’ve never tried Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum cream, you haven’t lived.”

  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Must-have/can't live without beauty product: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
  • Fave cocktail: French Martini
  • Fave thing about your job: Getting to write about beauty every day
  • Fun fact about you: I have a freckle inside my eye right on the pupil! I don’t even think my husband has ever spotted it

Alex Crowther

Commercial Director

As a mum to 2 young children Alex is our go-to for trialling the products that require minimum cabinet space and time but promise maximum results. Speedy and effortlessly effective best describes her approach to beauty (and she gives brownie points to any product she can also use on her kids) so it’s Alex you can thank for introducing you to the new breed of multifunctional products making their way into your Roccaboxes “'my skincare routine has to be one I can easily maintain, and I no longer buy as many products so I put more thought into what I’m using: I'm really conscious about ingredients and the brand’s origins.

  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Fave cocktail: Expresso Martini
  • Fave thing about your job: Getting to try a lot of the new hero beauty products before they even hit the market!

Emma Hull

Marketing Manager

Interning in the beauty department of national glossy mags (British Vogue, Sunday Times Style, Elle…) led Emma into a career spearheading the content marketing for global beauty brands and retailers - including Feelunique and FLANNELS Beauty. Now she’s our resident beauty buff Emma’s our go-to for trialling anything that promises to give good glow or that delivers serious glamour (lashes are her one can’t--live-without. Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Filter is a close second). Fun fact, Emma is also a super-talented beauty illustrator in her spare time.

  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Fave cocktail: Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Fave thing about your job: Talking about beauty all day, everyday!
  • Fun fact about you: I used to be a competitive Cheerleader!