How it started... 

Roccabox is the brainchild of beauty-obsessed business-smart Tia Roqaa, a Leeds-born and London-bred young entrepreneur who, in 2016, decided that women needed a refreshing new way of discovering beauty.


A career in beauty PR working for leading global beauty brands left Tia with an appetite for beauty that wasn’t being met by the standard shopping experience. Shopping for beauty online was impersonal and overwhelming, while shopping for products in-store left little room for discovery. Tia decided that women needed a new route to beauty discovery that was convenient and affordable but still indulgent, pleasurable and exciting.


She dreamt up Roccabox, the monthly beauty box subscription, and launched it in March 2016- at a time when beauty boxes were still in their infancy and the world hadn’t yet realised their potential. Ever the early-adopter, Tia decided that every monthly Roccabox should be curated by a well-loved beauty influencer - so for over a year, every Roccabox was put together by an Insta-famous face. Over the following few years Roccabox went from strength to strength and was soon delivering the latest and most innovative beauty, from both established and emerging brands, to thousands of women’s doorsteps every month.

What's next for Roccabox?

By September 2021, Tia had grown a strong female-only team of beauty-savvy experts and together they decided to give the Roccabox brand the ultimate glow-up. Realising that Roccabox consumers had grown-up, along with the brand, and now valued more premium brands and deluxe products meant one thing: give them exactly that. That same month saw the launch of Roccbaox Luxe: a deluxe monthly beauty box containing 5 of the latest, most innovative, effective and hyped-up products from leading global brands. The rest is beauty history.

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