About Us

Our monthly beauty box brings a unique opportunity for you to not only discover exciting product launches, but also try before you buy in a convenient and inexpensive way. 
Every woman deserves to feel pampered, therefore, we champion the importance of taking 'me-time' to relax and recharge. Each month, we work to empower you ladies, inspiring you to know your self-worth and see how amazingly beautiful you are.
With a nation of empowered women, there isn't anything we can't achieve. We aim to make this dream a reality.

 Hello you lovely lot - I'm Tia, the Roccabox founder. 

We aren't a massive beauty powerhouse, we're a small team based up in Yorkshire,

who work really hard to try and deliver the best products,

the best customer service, and the best value for money for all Roccabox fans. 


We're here to remind you that self-love is a necessity, and that #girlpower is the best power!

We believe in making women feel good, from the inside out.


Why did you start Roccabox? 

I was sick of going on a shopping spree for beauty products and either getting talked into buying things I don't need, or getting home having purchased something for £30+ and realising it's totally wrong for my skin type.
I also love surprises, and sometimes need reminding that it's important to look after yourself, so I wanted to create a fun, purse friendly way of being able to offer that to women.

Who is Roccabox aimed at? 

All women, any age, any size, any lifestyle.
The woman who likes to discover everything new.
The woman who doesn't have time to peruse the thousands of beauty products on offer.
The woman who has absolutely no idea what to buy!
The woman who's just a total beauty junkie.
The woman who likes to be a part of a community (check us out on Facebook & Instagram)
The woman who loves a surprise
The woman who deserves a treat, and needs to remember take a little time out for herself. 

What are your beauty 'must haves'?

- Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
- Keihls 'Ultra Facial Cleanser' 
- Soaper Duper body butter
- Bare Minerals complexion rescue
- Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara
- John Frieda six effects serum
Love, Tia x