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February 2020 Beautyscopes

We can’t control the tides, but we do have the power to treat ourselves well (even when it feels like no one else will), and present the very best version of ourselves to the outside world. So, whether a new flame is on the cards or it’s time to say goodbye to an old beau, kick start your transformation and add a little oomph to your beauty regime. A little TLC can go a long way, and love life be damned - it’s time to start putting yourself at the top of your to-do list. The movements of the planets and stars have influenced us since the dawn of time, so take a little inspiration from the celestial bodies and see where it leads you, girl.


February Beautyscope


February is the time to step back, reflect, and take stock of your current relationships - romantic or otherwise. Self reflection is not your strong suit, so scheduling in some serious R&R will help to open your mind to new horizons. Add aromatherapy oils to your routine to soothe, nourish and energise your body and soul. 


As Mars moves through Sagittarius, you will be overwhelmed by strong feelings of intimacy and attraction. Romance is on the cards, so play them right and be open to new connections. Keep your glam clean, romantic and sultry - think thick, fluttery lashes and fresh skin. 


You are adaptable, versatile, and stunningly creative. Let this show, and experiment with a truly bold look. Try out floating eyeliner, and keep the colours bright, edgy and bold. All eyes will be on you, for all the right reasons. 


You’re a creature of comfort, and it can be easy to fall into a rut. Keep breaking out of your comfort zone and stay open to new challenges - and start with your daily glam. Try a half up half down pony for an easy beach-babe update on your everyday office hair.


As a natural glamazon, you know the importance of keeping it drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe. Mood ring nail lacquers are set to be a big trend in 2020, so grab your favourite colour shifting shade and shine, girl. 


You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, but make sure your skin doesn’t fall to the bottom of your never ending to do list. Close your eyes, take 15 minutes and a Danielle Creations Lifting Peptide Sheet Mask for an instant firm and refresh on even the most burnt out of complexions. 


You’re a true romantic, ruled by Venus and a natural flirt - so the holiday of love is a year round occasion for you. You’ve already got your love life figured out, so now turn your focus to wellness and self care. Add a luxe mask to your skincare routine, or go big and splash out on a spa weekend for you and that special someone. 


The moon is now in your domestic sphere, so devote your energy to home, family and self-care. Take this opportunity to review your beauty regime and find a new routine that really works for you. If you’re unsure of where to start, look at K Beauty news - cream skin is the trend on every beauty insiders lips. 


Strong emotions may threaten to shake up existing romantic relationships, so take the time to reconnect with Mother Earth and restore your inner tranquility. Anti-pollution skincare will shield your skin from harmful environmental aggressors and keep your complexion healthy, radiant and clear. 


For you, beauty means timeless, classic and elegant - and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Strip it back to basics and keep your makeup soft, radiant and clean. Think Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup - effortless glow all year round. 


Spontaneity and surprises are on the horizon - and it's important that you’re ready for the unexpected. Stay flexible (read: ready for last minute drinks), and keep a hydrating lip balm on hand at all times. We love Dr. Lipp’s Superfood Sweet Potato Tinted Pigment.


Whether it be a new flame, or a new level of commitment with an existing partner - romantic change is coming. In keeping with these new starts, it’s time to make a drastic beauty change. Say goodbye to ultra sculpted brows, and hello to fluffy, feathered brow lamination. 

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