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Get The Gloss Box Reveal: Spacemasks

We're launching a Limited Edition beauty box in collaboration with the health and beauty experts, Get The Gloss. We launched our first sneak peeks here ,here and here now it's time to reveal the next! 

We know sleeping is as important to our beauty regime as any beauty product, so we’re introducing you to the ultimate sleep mask from Spacemasks.

Why do we love it?

These are not any old sleep masks, they are self-heating, jasmine scented sleep masks. They work by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air, basically, it’s magical. They are scented with relaxing jasmine, but don’t worry it’s a low concentration so no overpowering scents whilst you enjoy your mental spa treatment.

How do we use it?

These can be used wherever, so whether you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, or a quick break, open the pouch, read the instructions and pop the mask over your eyes. As soon as it’s on, the warming sensations and the light fragrance will allow you to truly relax and re-energise. 

Our Limited Edition Box launches on 27.07.20 at 9am for VIP sign ups. Sign up now to get first dibs: 

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