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January 2020 Beautyscopes

Real self care starts with getting to know yourself from the inside out - warts and all - and the dawn of a new decade is the perfect time to start. Our beauty regimes are an intensely personal part of our everyday lives, from the way we choose to present ourselves to the outside world, to our own methods of rest and recuperation. It’s easy to feel a little disjointed at this time of year, and maintaining our skincare routine can be the first place to suffer (guilty). The alignment of the planets and the stars affect the tides, the seasons, and through them - us. So, what better place to look for the direction of your next beauty overhaul? After all, we could all use a little divine inspiration from time to time. 


Change is on the horizon, and now is the time to seize the opportunity to shake up your routine. It’s time to experiment, and what could be better than coloured liner? Think white, think pastel - crisp, nontraditional and absolutely gorgeous.


Ruled by Venus, you are a lover of luxury, beauty and hedonism - and now is the time to bring it back to the classics. A sultry red lip never goes out of style. Keep it bold, keep it glam, and see in the new decade with a bang.  


You’ve been pushing through strong emotions, grieving or dealing with heartbreak. Now, peace is on the horizon, but it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind as you move forward. Leave your head clear and open to change with a strong sleep schedule, by introducing relaxing aromatherapy into your nighttime routine. 


Ready or not, the Cancer lunar eclipse is on the horizon and ready to shine the spotlight on you. Take centre stage and get glit, babe - whether it’s an illuminated complexion or glitter lid, all eyes are on you so don’t be afraid to turn up the shine. 


For you, this month is all about romance. Venus and Mars are in chart, so be ready to set pulses racing. Whether it’s a new spark or things are hotting up with your current partner, your natural glamour and sex appeal are at an all time high. Remember, a sultry glossy lip never fails.  


Party season may be officially over - but not for you. You’re still feeling vibrant, energised and ready to take your social life by the horns. Keep all eyes on you with a hint of neon eye-shadow - or go ombre if you dare.  


Now is the time to rest, recuperate, and nurture your mind and body. For you, the start of the decade is all about self care and fresh starts. Focus on healthy, rejuvenated skin - the Daily Concepts Mother of Pearl Sponge clarifies and exfoliates, with radiance enhancing extract infused soap.


Your creativity is at an all time high, so be open to new ideas both professionally and personally. Try a new twist on an old classic, and incorporate colour into your smokey eye. Switch things up with a sultry ruby red, or take inspiration from the colour of the year with a classic blue. 


Don’t let this winter weather fool you, girl - things are hotting up. A potential new flame is on the horizon, but remember to keep this one fun, flirty and casual. The key to sexy glam is all in the lashes, and Bowe Organics Lash Oil is a godsend for naturally longer, plumper lashes.  


Party season has come and gone, and whilst it was fun while it lasted, now is the time for some serious TLC. Take a break, assess your feelings and start to think ahead. No matter how busy your schedule, find the time to take 15 minutes for you and pamper your mind AND body - BeautyPro’s Brightening Collagen Mask is the perfect skincare indulgence. 


As the sun moves back into your sign this month you will feel your natural energy realign, helping to restore balance and clarity. Reflect this return of the light with a megawatt glow, and invest in a nourishing face serum to enhance your natural radiance. 


As Venus moves into your sign, your natural magnetism will be at an all time high. Keep it soft, romantic and radiant - we love Dirty Little Secrets Exposed Jelly Blush for a sultry pop of colour. Be ready for sparks to fly. 

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