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November Sneak Peek: Skin Chemists

Do I really need to use a toner? (and other common skincare FAQs...)

There are certain additions we’re told to make to our skincare routine, beyond our cleanser and moisturiser, that we sometimes step back and question ‘do I really need this?’. It’s usually when we’re shelling out for an expensive serum, or when we’re using your 5th product of the morning, or when we’re contemplating why our gym bag is so heavy, and sometimes it’s when we’re considering whether an extra layer of chemicals on our skin is really necessary. When this happens and the queerying begins it more often than not boils down to the following key questions: Should I use a serum? (if you’re over the age of 25, probably); Do I need an eye cream? (not strictly, no); Do I need an SPF? (yes); What, even in winter? (still yes.) And then toners are thrown into the mix and it all becomes a little more complicated.


The thing with toners is they’ve improved drastically since the days of the Clinique 3-step many of us grew up on. Rather than just being a way of absorbing excess cleanser, toners can now play a critical role in enhancing your skin. In fact, many now act in a similar way to a serum, infused with prescriptive ingredients that target specific skin concerns, as well as enhancing your skin’s surface, to ensure your other products can work more effectively. Just like serums, toners play a different role depending on which one you choose and what you’re choosing for it to do. So for oily skin, toners can reduce enlarged pores and excess oil, for dry or sensitive skin types, toners can lessen redness and flaking: you get the idea. 

Just like serums, of course, not all toners are made the same. Ranging drastically in both price and effectiveness, some toners on the market do remain glorified astringents that will mop up excess cleanser. Others however have the power to transform your skin. The Skin Chemists Anti Ageing Collagen Repairing Facial Toner £78* falls firmly into the latter category. Just like a high-performance anti-ageing serum would, this formula contains a complex combo of nutrients and extracts to visibly enhance your skin’s condition and give skin a more youthful appearance. What’s really exciting as skincare buffs is to see the inclusion of Hexapeptide: this genius ingredient helps boost skin’s natural collagen and elastic properties. What does this mean for your skin? Over time with regular use this leads to firmer, more lifted skin and more defined facial contours. This particular toner is also rich in aloe vera and chamomile, so it makes a lovely soothing addition to your skincare steps, particularly now that winter is on its way, as this tends to be when dry skin becomes irritated and tight, and sensitive-prone skin tends to flare up.  Finally, the addition of vitamin C means that swiping this over clean skin leaves it brightened and more radiant, both instantly and also long-term. A great useful additional ingredient, particularly if you are yet to include a skin-brightening vitamin C serum in your routine. All in all this is a thoroughly effective, multi-tasking and hard-working addition to a skincare regime that is most definitely worth the extra step (and the price tag) if you want to see visible, positive changes to your skin. 

We’ve included a deluxe mini bottle in the November Roccabox, worth £23.40. This is the Skin Chemists Anti Ageing Collagen Repairing Facial Toner. The toner on your product has an incorrect product title. 

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By Sarah Edge

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