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The Capsule 2.0 Peek: Q+A

Our collaboration with The Capsule is BACK! 7 products, for 7 moments of you time. You can take a peek at our first product sneak peeks here and here.

The serum of the century from Q+A, giving you glowing skin day and night, worth £6.50. 

Q+A Serum

Why do we love it? 

If we’re sportin’ wellbeing vibes, we need a hydrated, revitalised glow, right? This natural, cruelty-free and vegan friendly serum is enhanced with powerful ingredients including the acid we produce naturally in our bodies! This is suitable for all skin types, so whether you have combination, oily or dry, you’ll reap the benefits. 

 How do we use it? 

 Apply to clean skin prior to (or instead of) moisturising, morning and night.

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