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The Capsule Product Reveal: SMUG

You should probably know by now that we have curated a must-have wellness Limited Edition box, filled with 7 full sized products, worth over £110 in collaboration with The Capsule. We are revealing products each day up until the launch on 14.06.20 - you can read our first reveals herehere and here!

Our next reveal is from the lovely brand, SMUG. We've included one of their 3D Black Out Sleep Masks in this box, worth £12. There's 4 designs available, so it will be a surprise which one you get! 

Why do we love it?

Well we love sleep, and anything that helps us sleep, improves our sleep and looks sassy AF, is absolutely welcome! Did you know that when you’re sleeping your skin makes new collagen, meaning you will be less likely to wrinkle. So, basically, napping should be a part of your beauty regime? 

These SMUG Blackout sleep masks provide total darkness, no matter how bright the area around you is! They are also totally eyelash friendly (both real & false), it’s lightweight, soft and super comfortable so it encourages a deep sleep. It’s also great for at home or travelling. 

How do we use it?

Well, we don’t really need to explain this one! Just adjust to your head size, get comfy and sleep Roccababe! 

This is a box you won't want to miss! Sign up to The Capsule Limited Edition VIP list here.

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