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The Capsule 2.0: Dr Eve Routh

Our collaboration with The Capsule is BACK! 7 products, for 7 moments of you time. You can take a peek at our first product sneak peeks here and here and here.

Yes, there is 24K gold in this Dr. Eye Ryouth eye mask. Why? Because gold isn’t only used for our jewellery. These miracle pads work wonders for tired looking peepers. This product alone is worth £35, So, put your feet up, let them work their magic! 

Why do we love it? 

Well 24K Gold is known for having benefits for the skin, let alone the natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Giving you an instant cooling effect on the skin to add moisture, reduce dark circles and eliminate puffiness!

How do we use it? 

Simply cleanse your face, and place these beauties under your eyes. Leave for 20 minutes for best results!

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