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The Capsule 2.0 Peek: Ava May Aromas

Our collaboration with The Capsule is BACK! 7 products, for 7 moments of you time. You can take a peek at our first product sneak peeks here and hereherehere, here and here.

This is definitely made with love. A hand poured, smooth, creamy soy wax blend is a must for any at home pamper session, especially when it's from Ava May Aromas

Ava May Aromas

Why do we love it?

If we’re sportin’ relaxation vibes, we need a wax melt, right? This round disc is indented allowing it to be easily snapped in two, with a classic rich and smoky scent. Offering a minimum of 8 hours burning time, making every space feel relaxing and homely. The Black Pomegranate aroma is full of character, a daring pink pepper, a familiar patchouli combined with warm lily shape a sensual, rich and smoky scent.

How do we use it?

  1. Place the desired amount of wax on top of the holder. 
  2. Light a tea light candle and place underneath the holder and wait for the scent to whisk you away. Enjoy! 

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