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The Capsule 2.0: Vivoo App

Our collaboration with The Capsule is BACK! 7 products, for 7 moments of you time. You can take a peek at our first product sneak peeks here and hereherehere, here, here and finally, here!

Now hear us out on this one... We've popped in an at-home urine test from Vivoo, which points out any wellbeing issues! 

Why do we love it? 

If we’re going to be sportin’ wellness vibes, we need some sort of guide or advice, right? This wellness app guides all their users to make healthier choices with personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice based on their weekly home tests. Amazing! 

How do we use it? 

Simply download the app indicated, pee on the stick provided, take a photo once it has changed colour and read your results. A verrrrry interesting find!

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